Highest Elevation Towns or Cities in the United States
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Highest Elevation Towns or Cities in the United States

These are the highest elevation towns or cities in the United States. As you will see they are all located in the same state. In order to qualify for this list a town must have year-round residents, and some of the residents have to live close to the highest point in the town.

The highest elevation towns and cities located in the United States. All of these towns and cities have elevations over 10,000 feet, and all are located in the same general region in Colorado, west and southwest of Denver in the Rocky Mountains.

Winter Park, Colorado tries to claim it is the highest town or city in the United States. It's a bogus claim because the town of Winter Park has an elevation of 9,052 feet, but the town tries to count the Winter Park Ski Resort as the basis of its elevation. Winter Park Ski Resort is higher than the first town on this list, but nobody lives at or anywhere near the top of the Winter Park Ski Resort, though technically that is part of the town.

Image Source (Winter Park Ski Resort)

Highest Elevation Towns or Cities in the United States

1. Alma, Colorado- 10,578 feet

Image Source by Davepark

With an elevation of 10,355 feet, Alma, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains is the highest town with a permanent population in the United States. Roughly 175 people live in Alma, which is located in central Colorado, about 90 miles southwest of Denver. 

2. Montezuma, Colorado- 10,335 feet

Image Source by McManus42

The town of Montezuma, Colorado has a population of just 29 people, but that is enough to qualify for this list. Montezuma has an elevation of 10,335 feet, making it the second highest elevation town in the United States. Montezuma is a former mining town located in the Rocky Mountains about 80 miles west of Denver.

3. Leadville, Colorado- 10,152 feet

Image Source

With a population of over 2,500 people, Leadville, Colorado can qualify as a small city. So technically you can say that Leadville, Colorado has the highest elevation of any city in the United States at 10,152 feet. Leadville sprung up as a boom city due to silver being mined in the area. At one time Leadville had the second highest population of any city in Denver, but once the silver ran out, the population nose-dived. Leadville is about 100 miles southwest of Denver.

4. Blue River, Colorado- 10,020 feet

Image Source by Adam Baker (Mohawk Lake near Blue River, Colorado)

Blue River is a town in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with an elevation of 10,020 feet and a population of around 650 people. Blue River is located about 85 miles west of Denver, maybe 5 miles north of Alma, the first town in this list of highest elevation towns and cities in the United States.

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Comments (5)

Very nicely presented.

Been to all these towns.

Nice piece with good pics.

I have not been to Colorado, or any of these places, however I have often gone to Canada's highest elevated town, Lake Louise, in the Rocky Mountains.

Our highest elevated city in the Philippines is Baguio city - summer capital of the country or the city of pines. Thanks for the profile of these highest cities in your location Joe.